Aviation Services and Consultation

Pilot & Rescue Hoist Professional

& now also Remote SUAS Operations

True Aviation LLC is focused on the historic strengths of its founder; helicopter and airplane pilot services, and helicopter rescue hoist operations.  However, we're also committed to evolving capabilities, and have therefore attained FAA Part 107 certification to operate small unmanned aircraft systems. 

With an aviation career which began in 1976, there have been many opportunities to learn and excel while providing services to the global community.  The goal now is to ensure others reap the rewards of this experience and competence.

From the early years of nascent rescue capability using dead-reckoning and cap-stan hoists, through developmental use of Night Vision Devices and then Global Positioning Systems along with high-speed A/C electrical hoists, as well as more recent significantly advanced capabilities, the primary mission of service to others remains paramount.

Having worked in remote, unequipped and austere environments, innovation and self-reliance became a requisite talent.  However, the rapid and profound improvement in systems has provided reliability and precision capability unmatched in previous eras, and so there is continual effort to most effectively employ these latest developments.  

From water hoist training conducted with the Brazilian Air Force just two weeks prior to their employment in the 2009 Air France 447 recovery efforts, to initial work with the Indian Army in establishing their rescue hoist capability, assisting others in their pursuit of excellence has proven incredibly rewarding.  The linked world map  depicts the extent of True Aviation's travels.